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About us

About us

Create a better life!

Our brand products were founded by a group of people who have been dedicated to cooking and family health for nearly 6 years. The mission is to create a healthy and warm home life and rich leisure outdoor life for families around the world. From design, construction, production to customer experience, we pursue the ultimate. Focus on giving customers the best shopping experience, listen carefully to customer feedback, do not compromise on quality, and set no limits on design creativity, and are committed to developing more professional and high-quality products. Our pursuit of perfection will bring you unparalleled satisfaction and experience.

Our products are diversified, and the products are basically divided into five categories according to their functions: courtyard series, kitchenware series, bar tools series, baking series, and personal care series. Achieve high-quality life through every product. Whether you are at home or outdoors, it will create a unique atmosphere for you, where you can enjoy a good life with your family and friends and travel happily in outdoor activities!


About Our Team

Since the establishment of the brand, we have searched for high-quality and safe materials in many places all over the world and cooperated with formal and large-scale manufacturers to provide you with high-quality and low-cost products, just to be responsible for every consumer who trusts Duerer. In the future, the Duerer team will continue to pay attention to the needs of consumers and provide consumers with more high-quality products.


We're different than the best. We know exactly which direction to take when supplying you with high-quality yet budget-friendly products. Our production and research and development The team will offer the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced technology and bring you quality products with a wider price range and more features.


We have an efficient team of young sales who focus on providing a better service to our customers. Our customer service team promise absolutely to provide excellent customer service and friendly support.