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Creat and enjoy cool summer!

Sun Shade Sail

Beach Umber

Enjoy the shade and be protected from harmful UV.

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Excellent and resistant

I waited a few weeks and several days of bad weather before reviewing the product. I have to say, it's really good! Unlike the previous waterproof sail that had caused me quite a few problems (stagnation rain with consequent damage to the cars parked under and unhinge of the poles due to the effect, in fact, sail) this It reacts very well to strong gusts of wind and heavy rains. Promoted with flying colors!



Transformed terrace

For years we have had a terrace that remained completely unused in summer, we bought all kinds of gazebos, at the first wind they would split. She, the sail, a magic! Beautiful, comfortable, durable, beautiful workmanship, beautiful color and then it is NOT WATERPROOF, it is only an advantage because it allows pockets of water not to form and in addition, it can be washed from the bottom with a simple garden hose.


Chad Cox

Great for the price

Since our pool is now in need of renovation and we don't want to invest in a pool renovation at the moment, we bought this pool for our son. The pool is on the terrace and our son has a lot of fun with it. Since he can do whatever he wants with the water (approx. 1m³ compared to our large pool with 38m³ of water), he has even more fun than in the large pool as he can color the water with bath colors and make a bubble bath.